Remy Bonjasky comments on controversial K-1 World GP final

After winning the third K-1 World GP championship in the early hours of this Saturday, the Dutchman, Remy Bonjasky, commented on the controversial final against the Moroccan Badr Hari. In an interview with the American website MMA Weekly, the fighter explained what happened. In the decision, Hari delivered a sequence of irregular blows to Remy on the ground, but without any force, even so, the Dutchman claimed he was unable to continue in the fight, which led to the disqualification of the Moroccan fighter. Bonjasky analyzed the situation:

“Hari is a very good fighter and I respect his techniques and his way of fighting. But I was very disappointed with his actions in the final. All the people who came to watch wanted to see a good fight. So, not only was I disappointed, but I think all the fans and all the reporters and even (the K-1 management) were also disappointed with the result,” said the Dutchman.

Asked about Hari's statements that Bonjasky lacked “attitude”, the champion responded:


“The only thing I can say about it is that if he respected the rules, we could have fought normally and decided in the fight. If he thinks I was acting, let me kick him in the head with him lying down to see if (he) would act like that or not”, he concluded.


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