In the spirit of a trilogy, remember how Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen's two fights went in the UFC

SUPER FIGHTS 'heats up the engines' and revives the climate of animosity between MMA stars in the 2010s

Anderson Silva complete Chael Sonnen in his first fight in the UFC. Photo: Disclosure/UFC

We are one day away from the reunion of Anderson Silva e Chael Sonnen. Ten years after their last fight, the former UFC stars meet again. This time, the veterans compete in boxing at Spaten Fight Music, which takes place this Saturday (15), in São Paulo (SP).

Those who followed the friendly atmosphere between 'Spider' and the 'bad boy' North American in recent days will have the opportunity to remember the animosity between the stars in the 2000s. Thus, the team from SUPER FIGHTS remembers the first two fights between the athletes, which led to one of the biggest rivalries in the history of MMA.


Anderson Silva x Chael Sonnen: the first meeting

Anderson Silva complete Chael Sonnen at UFC 117. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @UFC_Brasil

In 2010, Anderson Silva he was 'the guy' in the UFC. With the aura of being unbeatable and already with the status of an MMA legend, the Brazilian absolutely dominated the organization's middleweight division (up to 83,9kg).


With five belt defenses at the time, the Brazilian phenomenon showed signs that it could never be surpassed. Despite the solid trajectory and broad supremacy, 'Spider' disturbed the company's management in the lukewarm victory in a controversial confrontation against Demian Maia.

At the time, the lack of combativeness imposed by the Brazilian was treated as disrespect by the organization and, subsequently, the company president, Dana White, promised to find an opponent who would push the champion to his limits. The chosen one was Chael Sonnen.


Brought from the extinct WEC, Sonnen managed to overcome the technical limitation by presenting sports fans with a different way of promoting fights. Sharp with words, the North American raised the level of provocation and made his interviews a show in itself.

To face Anderson, the 'American Gangster' accumulated three consecutive victories and, as soon as he was confirmed as a challenger for the title, began what would become a true nightmare for the star of the category. Chael didn't hold back on his provocations and clearly bothered Anderson with his jabs.

However, the Brazilian's focus and visible superior talent gave the impression that the commitment against the North American would be just another simple victory in the fighter's career. At the fateful UFC 117, however, Sonnen proved otherwise.


The strategy of applying takedowns and punishing with ground and pound surprised the São Paulo native right at the beginning of the fight. Victim of the plan drawn up by his opponent, Silva was unable to impose his rhythm and was easy prey for his opponent.

As the rounds passed and Sonnen's superiority was proven, Anderson's fans suffered with what was presented by their idol. For almost five rounds, the massacre was total and Anderson's first defeat seemed imminent.

The last round, in turn, proved the genius of the legend. With victory in hand, Chael got careless and ended up being surprised by a triangle applied by the Brazilian. With no reaction, the North American was left to withdraw with two minutes left in the match.

There, Silva expanded his legacy and ended what, years later, he confirmed to be his biggest career challenge.

Anderson Silva x Chael Sonnen: the rematch

Anderson Silva beat Chael Sonnen on two occasions in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/UFC

Anderson Silva won Chael Sonnen on two occasions in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/UFC


The overwhelming performance that brought Sonnen close to shocking the world in 2010 ended up with an asterisk. Following the great presentation, the 'bad boy' was caught in an anti-doping test, which frustrated an immediate rematch for the fighters.

To find Anderson in the Octagon again, Chael had to overcome two opponents, one of them Michael Bisping, which, years later, would win the category title. In 2012, however, confirmation: Silva and Sonnen would once again share the octagon.

From the first fight against the 'American Gangster,'Spider' had also won two commitments. One of the triumphs marked an era, when the São Paulo native brutalized Vitor belfort with the kick immortalized in the history of MMA.

In the second clash, unlike the drama two years ago, Silva managed to reassure his admirers. This time, the Brazilian left no room for fear and overcame his opponent with a knockout in the second round in a gala performance.

The end of the rivalry

Anderson (left) and Sonnen (right) faced each other twice. Photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

The years passed and the fighters publicly declared their mutual admiration. On the one hand, 'Spider', aged 49, reveals that the North American has made him a better athlete.

On the other, Chael, 47, does not hide his gratitude for the Brazilian. Bluntly, o'bad boy' admits that he only gained notoriety due to the presence of the MMA star.

In recent days, in interviews given to promote Spaten Fight Music, both treated each other as friends. Fans are now waiting to find out if the friendly atmosphere will take a break for this weekend's boxing challenge.

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