VIDEO: 'Strongest man in the world' wins two-on-one fight and scares by leaving rival stretched out in the cage

Eddie Hall drew attention after brutalizing opponents in a confrontation with a numerical disadvantage

Eddie Hall in a two-on-one fight. Photo: Reproduction/X

Voted 'Strongest Man in the World' in 2017, after winning the traditional 'World's Strongest Man', Eddie Hall drew attention by brutalizing rivals in a two-on-one fight. At an event held last Friday (7), in the city of Blackburn, England, the 'giant' scared spectators of the 'World Freak Fight League' while running over his opponents. One of the opponents ended the confrontation on the canvas.

In the images (see below), it is possible to see part of the confrontation. Using brute force, Hall launches powerful blows at his competitors and even throws them into the cage with ease.


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At one point, Eddie lands a clean right to the face of one of his opponents. Upon receiving the attack, the athlete suffers an immediate knockout, leaving him stretched out on the canvas.

After the episode, Hall had 'only' one opponent to face. Quickly, the 'giant', who also starred in the series 'Game of Thrones', he got the knockout.


Watch Eddie Hall win in a two-on-one fight

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