Anderson Silva reveals why Chael Sonnen will be his last opponent in Brazil

Spider admits that he no longer has a grudge against Americans, but makes a comparison with a superhero film to define rivalry

Anderson Silva beat Chael Sonnen on two occasions in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/UFC

Anderson Silva won Chael Sonnen on two occasions in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/UFC

The rivalry between Anderson Silva e Chael Sonnen will have its final chapter on Brazilian soil. In a boxing match that marks Spider's last professional appearance in the country, the two veterans they will face each other on June 15, in the city of São Paulo, at the 'Spaten Fight Night' event.

Although the flame of competitive rivalry has calmed over time, the choice of Sonnen as the opponent for this special farewell was no coincidence. As Spider himself highlighted in an interview with Rede Globo's Fantástico program, the history they built together within the UFC makes them perfect opponents for this unique moment.


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“There were a lot of speculations about the opponent, but there wouldn’t be someone as special and as better as my arch-enemy, let’s say like the Joker and Batman,” he said. Anderson Silva, drawing a parallel between the rivalry with Sonnen and the iconic DC Comics duo.


Anderson Silva x Chael Sonnen

Their careers in the octagon were marked by provocations, moments of tension and, above all, memorable fights. In 2010, at UFC 117, Sonnen put the middleweight belt at risk, putting pressure on Spider in five rounds before succumbing to a triangle choke in the last round.

Two years later, at UFC 148, the rematch was dominated by Anderson, who overcame the American with a technical knockout in the second round.


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