Russian controversialist uses the tragedy of the floods in Rio Grande do Sul to provoke Michel Pereira and ask for a fight in the UFC

Shara Magomedov accused Brazilian of hypocrisy for 'ignoring her challenge' while helping flood victims

Michel Pereira (photo) in UFC victory. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

M. Pereira (photo) in UFC victory. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Amid the desolate scenario of the floods that devastated Rio Grande do Sul, a new chapter in UFC is shaped by the fierce rivalry between Michael Pereira and Shara Magomedov. The Russian, undefeated in 12 fights, took advantage of the social commotion generated by the Brazilian's humanitarian action to attack him on his social networks.

Shara accused Michel of hypocrisy for 'ignoring his challenge' while assisting flood victims, drawing a questionable parallel to the war situation in Ukraine.


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“While this hypocrite saves dogs in Brazil and ignores my challenge, thousands of children are under fire from killers, and at the time he came out with the flag of this country (Israel) and shouted to the whole world in support. Sooner or later I'll get to him and then this happy guy won't have so much fun”, he posted on his official Instagram.

Michel Pereira helped flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul

Shara Magomedov's criticisms refer to the participation of Michael Pereira in actions to rescue animals affected by floods. The Brazilian fighter, known for his combative stance and acrobatics inside the Octagon, has been demonstrating a more humanitarian side when engaging in social causes.


The rivalry between Michel and Magomedov has been growing since the Brazilian submitted Ihor Potieria No. UFC 282, in December 2023. On that occasion, Paraense Voador performed a somersault before the knockout, which generated criticism from some, including the Russian, that the accused of doing a 'circus' in the octagon.

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