Daniel Cormier responds to Jon Jones' controversial video and criticizes the former champion's provocations

The organization's current commentator complained about the eternal animosity created by 'Bones' and lamented that he always comes out as the 'villain' of the story

D. Cormier and J. Jones do not leave their rivalry aside (Photo: Montage/SUPER FIGHTS)

One way or another, Daniel Comier and Jon Jones They don't forget the eternal rivalry and look for a way to keep it burning. On his YouTube channel, 'DC' responded to a video in which 'Bones' uses the fight between them to provoke him in a seminar and complained about the fact that he comes out as the 'villain' of the story whenever any controversy arises between them. .

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“The other day, I think he was doing a seminar or something and he was talking about me, the way I fought and the way he fought me and how he exploited some of my aggression towards me. I've talked on several occasions about what a fantastic job he did of getting my knees right. And now he said he did that with his hands and I was making those sounds,” Cormier said.


Cormier also complained about the fact that Jones always tried to provoke him in some way and regretted that he always came out as the 'villain' of the story.

“I just want everyone to know that even though it seems like he wants to give me flowers, he likes to make fun of me. People say things like, 'Jones gets into DC's head.' And him! He's doing a seminar and he's saying things about me! “DC used to throw this overhand right and get in at the groin. Praise. “Then, DC fought very aggressively, so I did that and made that sound. I wonder if he gets the same thing I get when I respond to him. Because in many cases I am responding to what has been said about me. Jon, for a long time, did this, but he comes out smelling like roses on the other side when I respond”, concluded the former champion.


Cormier and Jones have already faced each other on two occasions, both for the light heavyweight belt. In the first confrontation, in 2015, 'Bones' won by unanimous decision from the judges. In the second fight, in July 2017, Jones knocked out 'DC', but the fight ended up being changed to a 'no-contest' after the controversial fighter was caught doping.

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