With Vitor Belfort ruled out, Popó confirms 'dream rival' for new boxing fight

Four-time world champion aims for new confrontation and 'intimates' North American phenomenon

Popó on his way to the ring at FMS 2. Photo: José Tramontin

Days after the collision with Kleber Bambam in Fight Music Show 4, Acelino Popó Freitas has a new target. In your profile on X, old Twitter, the four-time world champion 'intimated' Jake Paul, a popular North American phenomenon, for a boxing challenge. In a provocative tone, the Bahian questioned the digital influencer's previous commitments.

"Jake Paul, You can be the next. Can you imagine how cool a world title fight between the two of us would be? However, I forgot that you don’t face knockouts,” wrote Popó.


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BamBam reveals he won the BBB award with a boxing fight against Popó. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@bambamoficial

Last weekend, the four-time world champion 'stopped Brazil' for his new commitment in the Fight Music Show. After months of provocation, the fighter massacred ex-BBB Kleber Bambam, taking just 36 seconds to knock out his opponent.

Recently, Popó was challenged by Vitor belfort, legend of mixed martial arts. The Bahian, however, rejected the fight.


Popularity phenomenon, Jake Paul He gained even more fame after taking on boxing challenges against MMA references. To date, the athlete has won victories over Ben Askren, Tyron woodley, Anderson Silva e Nate diaz.


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