Internet users don't forgive and create memes with Popó's knockout over BamBam

After Acelino Popó knocked out Kleber Bambam in just 36 seconds, internet users wasted no time in mocking the former BBB

Popó's knockout over Bambam generated memes. Photo: Disclosure

The fight between Popó x Bambam it only lasted 36 seconds, but as the internet has established: the joke is eternal. As soon as the Fight Music Show ended, in the early hours of this Sunday (25), social networks were flooded with memes that mocked the ex-BBB's performance.

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Comparisons with Fluninense's performance in the Club World Cup, against Manchester City, episodes of Chaves and even classic games like Street Fighter made people laugh.


See the memes of Kleber Bambam's defeat below

BamBam's famous promise to shock the world was paid off



Bambam was doing well, but…

Who was faster? Popó knockout over Bambam or Fluminense against Manchester City

Popó's quick knockout was compared to the speed of Manchester City's first goal against Fluminense, in the Club World Cup final.


Bambam's performance was heavily criticized by fans


Fans didn't forgive the influencers who were defeated on the Fight Music Show

Bambam's influencer career was remembered by fans

Even a classic episode of Chaves was compared to Popó's beating

Even the knocked-out Senhor Madruga was remembered

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