Fight between bodybuilding duos ends in devastating knockout at Fight Music Show 4

Rey Physique 'passes the car' on Sheviii2k and declares victory with Natural pra Cavalo

Rey Physique watches Sheviii2k down after brutal knockdown. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

An unusual boxing confrontation between bodybuilders marked the first fight on the main card of the Fight Music Show 4. In an event held this Saturday (24), in São Paulo, Rey Physique was responsible for achieving a brutal knockout over Sheviii2k and declaring victory with his duo, Natural pra Cavalo. The overwhelming outcome came in the third round.

The challenge between pairs marked the debut of the sport in Fight Music Show. Despite the confrontation marked by aggression, the four involved showed sportsmanship and celebrated the confrontation together.


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Involved in the event, Pobre Loco performed in the last edition and had surpassed Rey Physique. In the current clash, the athlete was unable to repeat the positive result.

The fight between pairs was marked by special rules. The match was played two against two, with substitutions permitted in case of fatigue or inability to continue the match.


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The fight started with Sheviii2k taking the initiative with a jab. Physique had difficulty with distance and launched attacks in the void. Still in the first minute, Rey forced his rival to walk backwards after an overhand. Halfway through the stage, Sheviii2k asked for a substitution and Pobre Loco' took over the confrontation. In the first blow, Pobre Loco connected with a cross on Physique, who went to the canvas. Rey got up, but gave way to Natural for Cavalo. Poor Loco remained aggressive and asserted his clear physical advantage. In the final seconds, Pobre Loco gave way to Sheviii2k, but there was no more time.

In the second round, the fight was fought again between Sheviii2k and Rey Physique. In the first minute, Sheviii2k was more aggressive and walked towards his opponent. Physique bet on the counterattack and awaited the opponent's actions. Halfway through the stage, Sheviii2k asked for a substitution and Pobre Loco returned to the fight. Rey also asked for a substitution and gave way to Natural pra Cavalo. Loco scored with jabs and straight shots, while Natural pra Cavalo tried to protect himself. In the final minute, Pobre Loco shook his rival with a direct shot. Natural pra Cavalo went to the ropes and asked for a substitution afterwards. Poor Loco also left the ring and the fight was fought again between Sheviii2k and Rey Physique.


The third round started again with Sheviii2k and Rey Physique. The athletes started to fight in the opening seconds. After a minute, Physique connected with a clean cross to Sheviii2k's chin, who collapsed. Immediately, there was a replacement. Poor Loco took over the fight, while Sheviii2k was sent to the locker rooms. Before returning to the confrontation, victory was declared by Rey Physique and Natural pra Cavalo.

Fight Music Show 4 Results


Acelino Popó Freitas defeated Kleber Bambam by knockout 36 seconds into R1 – boxing


MC Gui defeated Nego do Borel by technical knockout at 1m54s of R3 – boxing

Emilene Juarez defeated Fernanda Lacerda (Mendigata) by unanimous decision of the judges (40-26, 40-36, 40-36) – boxing

Luiz Otávio Mesquita defeated Thomaz Costa by judges' decision (58-56, 60-54, 59-55) – boxing

Rey Physique and Natural pra Cavalo defeated Pobre Loco and Sheviii2k by technical knockout at 1m12s of R3 – doubles boxing


Fábio Maldonado defeated Leo Leleco by technical knockout at 1m38s of R4 – boxing

Martin Farley defeated Lucas Bomba via split decision – MMA

Hugo Paiva defeated Wellington Souza by knockout at 4m16s of R1 – MMA

Pedro Oliveira defeated Max Alves by technical knockout at 3m14s of R1 – MMA

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