Dana reveals he is working on two more fights for UFC 300 and highlights the 'maddening' scenario

President guarantees that everything can change overnight and cites intense upheavals behind the scenes; event takes place on April 13

Dana White is president of the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/UFC

Dana White is president of the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/UFC

Amid great expectations for the announcement of the main fight at UFC 300, Dana White opened the game and revealed the chaotic scenario in the construction of the event. Amidst so many scenarios highlighted by fans and MMA experts, the president guaranteed that everything being planned could change overnight and reinforced the madness that is being experienced behind the scenes of the historic show.

“There are so many twists and turns and so many crazy things happening behind the scenes of UFC 300, it's something unbelievable. Everything everyone thinks about UFC 300, there may simply be a total change tomorrow. Because it's crazy what's happening right now. It’s crazy,” Dana said in an interview with 'FullSend Podcast'.


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Tom Aspinall is the interim UFC heavyweight champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Jon Jones is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFC Espanol

Still according to the president, in addition to the main fight, another confrontation is being negotiated to be added to the historic event.

“Everything about UFC 300 it might just change tomorrow. Every fight that is on the card so far could be the main fight of a Fight Night ou Pay-Per View (PPV). We have one more gap to cover in the middle of the event and then we have the main fight. There are two fights. I know what I'm trying to do and what can happen. It could be two different things, unless I change all this shit”, he concluded.

Arena set up for UFC 276. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

T-Mobile Arena will host the UFC 300 on April 13th. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Scheduled for April 13th, the UFC 300 will take place at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas (USA). So far the event has 11 fights scheduled, with two titles at stake.


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