Jake Paul makes a million-dollar offer for Sean Strickland to face him and suggests an unusual bet if the fight happens

Digital influencer adopts a confident stance and suggests that 'Tarzan' get a tattoo if he is knocked down by a punch in an eventual duel

Jake Paul has a new fight scheduled for December. (Photo: Instagram)

Jake Paul challenged Sean Strickland for boxing fight. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Angry about the episode where Sean Strickland didn't give the digital influencer 'Sneako' a chance in a boxing 'fight' and ended up bloodying the amateur athlete with a sequence of blows, Jake Paul decided to make an offer to Tarzan. With experience in the noble art, the executioner of Anderson Silva and other Ultimate stars, invited the former middleweight champion (up to 83,9kg) to face off and suggested an unusual bet for the loser.

“'Shawn' Strickland, you are disgraceful for trying to stop Sneako like that. You weren't even able to take down someone with no experience while doing everything. You're a horrible boxer who only takes inexperienced people. I'll fly him to (Puerto Rico) and we can fight on camera. If you win, I will give you 1 million dollars (five million reais) - half of your net worth -. But if you get knocked down (by a punch), you have to get 'Betr' tattooed on you. Message me. But just like Paddy, I think you will find a way to escape,” Jake declared on his official Twitter account. 'X' (old Twitter).


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Jon Jones is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFC Espanol

Sean Strickland He is a former UFC middleweight champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Without hesitating, Sean Strickland the rival quickly responded.


“You lost a training partner, lol. Think about it,” Strickland said.

Famous for having started his boxing career against UFC veterans, Jake Paul has eight wins and one defeat in his professional record. A new PFL athlete, the expectation is that the influencer will make his debut in the organization later this year in an MMA duel.


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