VIDEO: Fighter takes risks at UFC Vegas 86 and uses video game moves during combat

Summoned at the last minute, Ihor Potieria tries, but ends up failing, when trying to surprise Robert Bryczek in a duel at Apex

Ihor Potieria (dir) when applying an unusual blow. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Summoned at the last minute to be present at the UFC Las Vegas 86, Ihor Potieria performed in the 'City of Light' willing to deliver a show to the fans present at the Apex arena. Known for his talent in stand-up fighting, the Ukrainian decided to show that he has an up-to-date arsenal of blows and tried to apply video game 'trips' during the fight (see below). Despite his attempt, the athlete was unable to hit his rival Robert Bryczek.

After the unusual feat, internet users quickly reacted and made fun of the Ukrainian athlete.


“He tried everything and didn’t get anything right,” said an account on 'X' (old Twitter).

“It must be badass to lose to this Ukrainian comedian thinking he is the Anderson Silva”, reacted another internet user.


“He thought it was (video game) Mortal Kombat,” joked a fan.

Despite the failed attempt to surprise his opponent, Ihor secured victory by unanimous decision from the judges after offering moments of danger to the Pole during the fight. A dark horse in the bookmakers, the athlete who works in the light heavyweight category (up to 93kg) accepted the challenge of performing in the middleweight category (up to 83,9kg) and achieved a crucial triumph in his time in Ultimate.

Ihor Potieria (left) knocked out Mauricio Shogun No. UFC 283 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

Recovering from a delicate phase, the Ukrainian returned to the path of victory after suffering two consecutive setbacks. In his post-fight interview, Ihor expressed relief with his achievement and celebrated his triumph.

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